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Providing the Best Care for Pets in Roseburg, OR

pet care in roseburg, or

Your pets, large and small, will always receive the highest quality treatment when you come to Parkway Animal Hospital in Roseburg, OR. Since 1978, we have prided ourselves on creating one-on-one, personalized relationships with each patient. We treat your pets as if they were our own! Our doctors are knowledgeable and experienced in animal care, so you can rely on their expert guidance and trust that they will provide professional, compassionate service. Plus, we are the only AAHA-accredited animal hospital in Douglas County, highlighting our state-of-the-art, progressive facility, equipment and techniques that help us provide quality care.

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Wellness Programs

At Parkway Animal Hospital, we provide wellness programs for puppies, kittens, equine and herd animals.

large animal services in roseburg, orLarge-Animal Services

Parkway Animal Hospital has two vehicles that are equipped for large farm animal visits. We also have separate treatment areas for large animals such as horses and cattle, as well as a large animal surgery suite equipped with gas anesthesia.

animal dentistry in roseburg, orDentistry

Our staff can provide dentistry services for both large animals such as equine as well as small animals including cats and dogs. We offer teeth cleaning and polishing, as well as oral surgery if needed. We can also perform tooth extractions, or exodontics, if necessary. We will help keep your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums fresh and clean.

small animal hospitalization in roseburg, orSmall Animal Hospitalization

We have separate dog and cat areas for hospitalization, to keep your pets safe and comfortable. You can drop off your pet early in the morning and pick them up after treatment is complete. Arrangements can be made, please let office staff know for preferred times. We have a state-of-the-art small animal surgery suite, so your pet can receive the most progressive, highest quality treatment and be restored to health. Pets may be released from hospital after doctors approval.

pet care technology in roseburg, orState-of-the-Art Technology

As a part of our mission to provide excellent veterinary care, at Parkway Animal Hospital we use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. This includes digital x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, and CardioPet ECG, which allows us to wirelessly track an animal’s heart rate and stream it via PC and Android. The data from the CardioPet ECG can then be sent wirelessly to leading veterinary specialists. We also provide laser therapeutic therapy to relieve pain, we have oxygen systems in all treatment areas, and we have an in-house laboratory for bloodwork and other testing.

pet vaccinations in roseburg, orVaccinations

Our team will make sure your pet receives the appropriate vaccines at the correct times. Vaccinations help prevent your pet from catching diseases. We offer a series of vaccines for young animals, large or small, which helps them develop immunity. Our puppy and kitten wellness plans include vaccinations, exams and deworming at a discounted price. We can also provide you with information on the proper vaccine schedules for horses and cattle. Our staff will be happy to help you determine the correct vaccination schedule for your pet!

For more information about the high-quality, personalized services we offer, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 541-672-1621.