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We have separate dog and cat areas for hospitalization, to keep your pets safe and comfortable. You can drop off your pet early in the morning and pick them up after treatment is complete. Arrangements can be made, please let office staff know for preferred times. We have a state-of-the-art small animal surgery suite, so your pet can receive the most progressive, highest quality treatment and be restored to health. Pets may be released from hospital after doctors approval.

Annual Pet Examination

At Parkway Animal Hospital, we consider yearly wellness visits essential to your pet’s happiness and health. Preventive care is vital for the wellbeing of your pet. We advise having wellness checks, adhering to a vaccination schedule for your pets, and coordinating all aspects of wellness care with us.

Your veterinarian does a thorough examination of your pet as part of your pet’s yearly checkup and talks to you about immunizations and continuing health. It’s crucial that your pet has health exams just as you do with your doctor. Our staff will thoroughly inspect your pet during these appointments, from head to tail.

Pet Microchipping
The size of a grain of rice, microchips are extremely small electronic devices that communicate identification data via radio waves. Pet microchips have distinctive identification numbers that are visible upon scanning. The relevant microchip manufacturer, which maintains the owners’ contact details, can be informed of this number. Since the material used to make microchips is compatible with biological tissues, it is uncommon for them to be rejected or to get infected after being injected.

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