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Large Animal Services in
Roseburg, OR

Parkway Animal Hospital has two vehicles that are equipped for large farm animal visits. We also have separate treatment areas for large animals such as horses and cattle, as well as a large animal surgery suite equipped with gas anesthesia.


At Parkway Animal Hospital, we work hard to give our customers the support they need to continue operating profitably while also giving their animals the compassionate care they require to thrive. We adore our cutting-edge tools and methods, but much more so, we adore the camaraderie and mutual respect fostered by our enduring bonds with our producers.

Herd Wellness

Our veterinarians and team evaluate the status of your herd and determine the needs of your herd based on your resources and goals during farm calls and herd health visits. Our visits can start with immunizations, deworming, castration, dehorning, pregnancy checks, and staging and progress to a thorough plan for controlling infectious diseases, correcting dietary deficiencies, and maximising your genetic potential.

Local Laboratory
When animals are extremely ill, our in-house laboratory can give us the timely answers we require. For instance, we may perform tests for several illnesses immediately in the clinic, including Fecal Parasites, Anaplasmosis, Failure of Passive Transfer, Hypocalcemia, Grass Tetany, Sepsis, Pregnancy Toxemia, and others. The results of these tests might determine life or death. Additionally, we have connections with a number of independent diagnostic labs and the expertise to determine which tests to order for the most affordable solution.
Services for Reproduction
We provide Synchronization, Artificial Insemination Services, Breeding Soundness Exams, and Ultrasound Pregnancy Checks.
Farm calls
You can invite us over! We have mobile Foremost chutes that are secure and well-equipped ambulatory 44 vehicles. In order to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety during both surgical procedures and foot work, we also use responsible sedation methods on food animals.

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